All over prints

With the exciting development of technology and fashion merging together over the past years, print has taken a front row in producing some of the best trends we’ve seen – both fresh off the runway (think Peter Pilotto and Mary Katrantzou) and in our favourite high street boutiques. Gone are the days of simple sunflowers and roses, because the bolder, brighter and bigger it is, the better you’re likely work the trend and have envious glares of approval thrown your way.

And the best of it all? It’s here to make you look and feel great season in and out. From a diamond Chinti and Parker crew neck knit, to a Clover Canyon dress that plays with architectural designs, an asymmetrical Peter Pilotto skirt, and a pair of See by Chloe pants; the choice is all yours.

Even Sergio Rossi has joined in on the trend with yellow and black pumps (which happens to have the perfect pointed front), and the award winning Tom Binns with a multi-coloured Co. Vert necklace.

Seemingly, there’s no better time to rock those prints than now…


Unsah Malik is a freelance fashion journalist who's been working within the industry for the past three years. From assisting designers, to being back stage at London Fashion Week, and having articles published online for many publications, her love for writing and the fashion realm continues to grow. Unsah also has a tiny obsession for social media where, if she isn't typing away an article, is often found tweeting or posting about her day-to-day life. Talk to her on twitter @unsahmalik and instagram @unsah

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