Gift Guide: Beauty Essentials

We all have at least one beauty buff in our lives.  You know who they are, that person with bags full of the latest and greatest cosmetics.  They seamlessly blend their foundation and contour their cheekbones with the perfect amount of bronzer and/or blush all the while looking as if they’re just naturally flush with a flawless complexion.  Then again, there are those who are the complete opposite.  Those whose beauty routine consists of a quick swipe of mascara and lip balm before bouncing out the door to start their day.

With such a large gap between the beauty novice and the precise expert, buying the perfect products for the right person can be difficult.  That’s why for our 2013 Beauty Essentials Holiday Gift Guide, we’re sharing a gift with you – well, 15 to be exact – as we’ve narrowed down the vast world of cosmetics to show you our favorites and what we believe to be the best products in their category to make it as easy as possible to shop for any beauty junkie in your life!


Jillian Magenheim is a writer, editor and a digital media/PR consultant for fashion and beauty brands. You can follow her thoughts on twitter @Magenhaz

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