P.S. We Love: Fendi Fur Monster Keyrings


If you haven’t had the chance to “meet” these little monsters yet, allow us to introduce you. From the coveted brands’ F/W ’13 collection, the colorful characters stacked above are Fendi’s Fur Monster Charm Keyrings.  These playful accessories, although full of fun and whimsy, are made from all the high quality and luxury materials you’d expect from every Fendi product – fox and mink fur, 100% leather detailing and a silver keyring to finish them off.

Our favorite part about these little guys is that with such a variety to choose from, there’s one for each of us to love (and name, if you so choose).  From fluffy chicks, and wide-eyed owls to monsters green with envy or a bushy mustache of sorts, we can’t get enough of them.  One thing is for sure, each of these balls of fur packs a big smack of personality to any and every handbag you attach them to.

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