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floral brooch


Silver Crystal Pearl Cuff


Out of the Dark Collar Necklace


Milky Way Bracelet


Turqoise Twin Birds


18K Gold and Double Pearl Ring


'Channing' Turquoise Dial Bracelet Watch


'know the ropes' stud earrings stud earrings


7 Faceted Bezel Bracelet Watch


Panama mini textured-leather jewelry box


Chain Tassel Necklace


Bianca Solid Perfume Necklace


Puccini choker necklace


Ace ring


Radiant gold-plated crystal necklace


Big block necklace


Star Gazer Necklace


Hexagon earrings


Avalon Swarovski crystal and sequin necklace


Gold-tone, crystal and feather necklace


Amazon Crystal Strass Necklace


Eliza Mother-of-Pearl Pendant Necklace


Amazon Crystal Strass Necklace


Lobster Giant Necklace


Tulum Pave Rectangle Stud


Brilliance Matchstick Bracelet


Himalaya Agate Wrap Bracelet


Galxy Decò Necklace


Bean Pendant


Monteroso Gold-Plated Turquoise Clip Earrings


Sunset Choker


Hand-Painted Duchess Bracelet


Hand Painted Equine Cuff


Lady Aloha Bracelet


Small Double Cone Shark Earrings


Anne Lobo Earrings


Tiberia Earrings


Nebula Necklace


Solar Pendant


Stardust Bracelet


Stellar Bangle


Hand-Painted Revolution Necklace


G&S Mezze


Mod Statement Necklace


Taner Charm Bracelet




Pave Link Toggle Bracelet


Rose Gold Ring


Rose Gold Bracelet


Limelight Party Pendant


Rose Ring


Possession Classic Chain Motif Ring


Limelight Party Ring


Rose Pendant in White Gold


Rose Ring


Rose Gold Possession Bracelet


Rose Pendant


Art Deco Swarovski Crystal Embellished Hair Clip


Isis Engraved Collar Necklace


White Gold Rose Ring


Limelight Jazz Party Ring


Rose Bracelet





Indigo - Gold


Metal Rectangular Sunglasses


Embellished cat eye acetate mirrored sunglasses




Mirrored Two-Tone Aviator Sunglasses


Leonard II Round-Frame Acetate Mirrored Sunglasses


Marble-print cat-eye sunglasses


The Vacation Box


V2 Polished Aluminum Black Frame


Turquoise Ocelot Sunglasses


Clubmaster acetate sunglasses


So Real Metal & Plastic Sunglasses


Turquoise Ocelot Sunglasses




ZZ2 Avida Dollars Sunglasses


Velvet Flat Top Sunglasses


Metal Aviator Sunglasses


Promesse 1 Cat-Eye Sunglasses


Small Cat-Eye Sunglasses


Clubmaster Acetate Sunglasses


Olivia Oversize Catseye


Ria Sunglasses


Aviator Metal Mirrored Sunglasses


Black Acetate Sunglasses


No. 9 Color Revolutions


Original Wayfarer


Black Sunday Sunglasses


Orgasmy 101 Sunglasses