Shopping For: Bikinis

– By Teresa Greenfeld –

Named after a group of islands that were, at the time, home to the test site of nuclear weaponry (seriously), the Bikini has certainly lived up to its namesake, becoming a force of epic proportion.  What else can cause blind panic/deadly fear (bikini shopping), jumping-up-and-down elation (fitting into a bikini),  unspeakable amounts of pain (bikini wax) and rolling waves of nausea (the man-kini), all at the same time?

Luckily, bikini options have come a long way from the string triangle top and side-tie bottoms.  The bandeau top, for example, is more and more becoming a favorite, not to mention has been an integral component in the fight against halter-neck tan lines (a personal pet peeve).  Another recent trend is the high-waisted bottom,  responsible for legions of women returning to the bikini (amazingly figure-flattering).

With that in mind, here are our (man-kini free) favorites of the season:
2. YSL High Waised Bandeau Bikini
3. La Perla Plissé On The Beach Bikini


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