Travel: Byblos Bootcamp, St. Tropez

What comes to our mind when we think of Saint-Tropez: golden skin, continuous shopping trips, and intentionally chaotic nights. For Hotel Byblos, however, heading to the French Riviera is all about flexing those muscles in hardcore boot camp sessions.

Titled Rebuilding, participators are served a healthy breakfast by the pool followed by a walk through the stunning Presqu’île, a healthy lunch (no alcohol – this is solid stuff), recovery sessions at Sisley spa with an impressive selection of treatments such as body hydration and lipomassage, one hour of private coaching, and dinner at the Rivéa by Alain Ducasse restaurant.

Now we don’t know about you guys, but that sounds like four or five nights (you decide) of complete bliss and rejuvenation to us. If you still need convincing though, perhaps the free access to the hammam and heated outdoor swimming pool will get you going…

Unsah Malik is a freelance fashion journalist who's been working within the industry for the past three years. From assisting designers, to being back stage at London Fashion Week, and having articles published online for many publications, her love for writing and the fashion realm continues to grow. Unsah also has a tiny obsession for social media where, if she isn't typing away an article, is often found tweeting or posting about her day-to-day life. Talk to her on twitter @unsahmalik and instagram @unsah

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