Travel: Le Club 55, St. Tropez


If it isn’t the beautiful white canopies surrounded with fresh greenery, it’ll be the notorious crowds you’ll first spot at Club 55 – one of St Tropez’s oldest beach clubs, located on the idyllic Plage de Pampelonne in Ramatuelle, boasting a first-rate service.


Starting with the club’s renowned restaurant, you’ll be transported to food utopia as you begin to examine the menu: summer salads subtly drizzled with flavorsome dressings, fresh pasta and fish dishes, daily specials that the staff are keen on serving and, naturally, an impressive selection of red and white wines. Be sure to dig into those artichokes too – famously known for the mega-sized portion they come in.


As for the beach? Needless we say, It’s impressive. Expect a refreshingly blue sea, sand that your body gently sinks into, not an inkling of grey in the sky, the brightest sun you’ve probably seen in a while, plenty of snazzy crowds flaunting their bikini body, and stylish kimonos and cover-ups neatly placed by sunbeds – which you’ll find plenty of in the tiny boutique only a short walk away.


Now that’s what we’re calling a plan…


Unsah Malik is a freelance fashion journalist who's been working within the industry for the past three years. From assisting designers, to being back stage at London Fashion Week, and having articles published online for many publications, her love for writing and the fashion realm continues to grow. Unsah also has a tiny obsession for social media where, if she isn't typing away an article, is often found tweeting or posting about her day-to-day life. Talk to her on twitter @unsahmalik and instagram @unsah

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